Reduce Studio Bottlenecks Maximize In-house Talent

Give your clients the high animation standards they deserve and Increase overall studio output. Let ANIAID help your studio flourish and solidify your reputation as one of the best.

Studio Problems

● Small talent pools prevent sustainable growth.

● Onboarding process can be time-consuming and expensive on short-term contracts

● Senior talent pre-occupied doing  tasks that don’t  fully utilize their skill set

The Solution


Aniaid will adjust to your studio's needs to match your budget and relieve bottlenecks.


Free up senior artists from client notes and revsions to allow Aniaid to take over these remedial tasks.


Upholding Canadian animation standards, and bringing peace of mind to keep your client's satisfied.


Operating on the eastern time zone, making for quick and efficient communication.


Extra capacity for all departments: storyboards, animation, BG Layout/Paint, builds.


When the pressure is on, Aniaid is your life line! WE are your production insurance policy.


In this competitive space, every studio is looking for solutions to grow. Aniaid Studios is that solution. We can guarantee your production will stay on budget, on schedule, and stress free!

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